How to win an Apple iPhone 4/Xbox/PS3/iPOD/Laptop – HACK Freebiejeebies

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The principle that runs this site is simple:

How to win an iPhone 4

Companies that Pingo pay FreebieJeebies with 25 pounds per customer brought to them on site, a simple calculation shows that if you get 25 customers on this site that completes an offer, together make 26 people. Simple math tells us that 26 * 25 = 650 pounds, from which subtract 499 pounds (how much the iPhone). So 650-499 = 151 pounds of their profits.

Simple at first glance, but it was hard and difficult way to end ….

This is a nice little program that, by entering your account data and connecting to the server Posted refferal how many you need (between 1 and 100, a value that you select).

TUTORIAL [Although the program is relatively easy to use]

1. Will necessarily register on this link, otherwise the program will not work:


2. After you register, you go to the tab that says Offers and select an offer (I recommend LittleBidTasty because it is safer) . There will register and pay with PayPal site. Everything is perfectly legal and safe.

Warning! You must use the same e-mail like the one on FreebieJeebies otherwise confirmation will not come. Moreover, the confirmation takes about 1-2 days, so do not worry it will not appear immediately! The next day you’ll see this prompt on the tab “Offers”:

3.Download the program here: DOWNLOAD

4. Run the program. exe.

5. A prompt will appear to run the program, press RUN quiet because they do not pose a risk, I’ve scanned with Kaspersky before opening the first time (The suspicion was high) :D

5. Once you open the program, click Next and enter your email and password that you’ve previously registered FreebieJeebies (although not confirmed) and click “Verify”. The process will take several seconds and then just continue (Next)

6. After you click “Next”will appear this picture, where you select the gift also selected in your account in our case is a 16 GB iPhone 4. Below fill refferal number you need / maximum refferal, then press the “Next”

7. Click again on “Next” and the “Patch” will start, expect to finish (takes about 1 minute)

8. Finally, the following prompt will appear:

9. After the patch has been applied will have to wait 4 hours (as described and there) to reset the server from FreebieJeebies. In took me about 5 hours, so again, do not worry if you do not appear instantly!

10. After the past 4 / 5 hours, go to the tab “My Status” and you’ll see this:

11. Click on the “Click Here” confirm the address where you receive a gift and then wait about a week to your new iPhone 4/Xbox/iPod you “beat” at the door.


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